The National City Police Department Homeland Security Unit provides innovative leadership in the City’s effort to keep those who live, visit and work in National City safe and secure from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, or other emergencies. As part of a unified national effort to secure America, the Department’s Homeland Security Unit has partnered with local, state and federal stakeholders to gather and disseminate intelligence for threat prevention, target hardening, and design response plans to be used during all critical incidents.

In an effort to leverage community involvement and encourage citizens to report terrorist related activity the National City Homeland Security Unit has partnered with the San Diego Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (RTTAC). Through this partnership, a link to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) has been provided. Citizens having information relating to possible terrorist activity are encouraged to use this link to submit reports. With this link, citizens can now join the effort in keeping America safe and secure.